UK: Clifton Park Hospital improves X-ray image quality with AeroDR

Clifton Park Hospital, York has improved X-ray image quality following installation of digital technology from Konica Minolta.

Although digital radiography had initially been ruled out at the hospital due to the perceived cost and questions over reliability, Clifton Park has now moved from CR to DR with a wireless AeroDR system, using an AeroSync connection.

Principal radiographer Steven Baker said the system had not only eliminated concerns about DR but had also enhanced the service. He added “We were worried about cost and reliability of DR systems. This was a big issue as we have no second room to act as a back-up. We chose AeroDR because it met all of our needs. It was relatively inexpensive and represented great value. It decreases examination times and provides improved image quality. We are a patient-centred service and this has helped improve their experience”.

AeroSync allows panels to automatically detect X-ray exposure and capture an image without the need for a wired connection. One of its key benefits is the ease with which it can be fitted with non-digital systems, smoothing the transition from analogue to digital.

Baker added “Installation was straightforward with minimal downtime and support has been great”.